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04-Nov-2020 03:02

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The error handling is awful so tracking down the problem is too ‘hit and miss’ for anyone’s liking.Microsoft loves to blame third party programs for indexing troubles but the hard fact is that indexing should not fail so easily.More than a few people have problems with the Outlook ‘instant’ search feature.It’s great when it works but too often you get the dreaded “Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed”.Here it gets tricky because you have to just try things and hope it might work.

The trick to getting Outlook search working is to repair the Windows Search (WS). It’s a core piece of Windows which was revamped some years ago, given the usual name change and now appears to have been ignored.As we’ll see below, there are other non-Outlook issues that can stop indexing of your mail store.Once you’ve tried the official Microsoft route, you have to look at other possibilities.Once that’s done Outlook should be able to search itself quickly.

Windows Search is the current name for the indexing service.Here we’ll try to explain what’s happening, what Microsoft recommends and what might actually work.

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