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29-Oct-2019 02:17

We angry men were in action and therefore this Hong Kong humiliating dinner was cancelled.On Friday night, I called for everyone to protest against this dating event: Kong gal pay 00 and Westerners are free of charge.It is a problem that foreigners can participate for free while Chinese women have to pay fee to meet them. Are Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese and Black included? Even if they were included, both men and women should pay fee. Both sides pay money – foreigners can meet Hong Kong girls and vice versa.If “White men can enjoy free meals” became mainstream, this would paint a picture that Hong Kong men were worthless as “Kong gals” were willing to pay foreigners to “enjoy” them.However, one should worship the right Western stuffs.For instance, you can worship London Saint Martins Art College, Lord Denning, City Hall of London “Big Testicle”, the architecture of Austrian spa hotel, collect the post card which Great Britain sent to Ireland Queenstown, or even idiolise Baroness Dunn…

For more information about the terms of your profile’s extended visibility, click here. Meet singles through a shared interest at one of our many activities or over a drink at one of our free drinks events. Broad visibility of your profile: By creating your profile on Match, it will be visible on the local variants of our service which use the same platform operated under different brand names.If one wants to worship the West, one should become “high class ethnic Chinese” instead of acting like prostitutes of Lockhart Road – when American navy go ashore, they will ask, “do you want a blow job?