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05-Dec-2020 06:49

In Year 5, players return to Hogwarts for their most rigorous year of studies yet, and important milestones in the curriculum.

Players that earned their prefect badge in Year 4 will take on the responsibilities of the role, while enjoying access to a new location in the game, the prefect's bathroom. You'll finally be able to see what's around the corner in Knockturn Alley, meet Professor Cuthbert Binns, and who is to be the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher.

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Regardless of whether or not players ask Egwu for help getting a date or if they tell him they're not interested in dating, he will say that most Hogwarts students start dating in their fourth year.

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Will players be able to date characters that are already established as their friends, like Ben Copper and Penny Haywood, or will brand new characters be introduced to serve as love interests?

Time will tell, but Jam City previously said that both friends and enemies could be potential love interests, so perhaps players will even have the chance to date the antagonistic Merula at some point. Jam City also plans on letting players adopt pets at some point, though it has yet to give any idea as to when or how that will be implemented.

The Lego tie-ins worked out pretty well, as they usually do, but other than that it’s just been the usual dreary line of half-hearted adaptations and spin-offs, that almost seemed relieved that the films ended so they could slope off into retirement and let the free-to-play smartphone games takeover.