Gridview updating deleting

14-Nov-2020 04:09

I had it rigged so that when you selected off the dropdown that is the first real field, another drop-down further on down is populated and certain fields become visible or invisible, based on that selection. And if I fill out the record completely anyways and click "Insert", nothing happens.

So, seems like this is having a lot of fallout elsewhere in my code. After an example edit, this resulted in the OLD DATA once again reappearing in the grid.

I put an Alert message in there and it actually seemed to pop-up "under the right conditions" when I left out the "not".) I'm not finding much else on possible solutions (although there do seem to be a lot of people who encounter this sort of issue). And I can no longer select a row and have it populate the Details View.

I tried moving those closing tags to UNDERNEATH the Details View instead.... However, I can't add a new record anymore, because this has somehow "broken" a third-party pop-up date-time picker that I had linked to a required field. I can edit a record and when I'm finished, the Detailsview seems to update with the change, but not the Gridview.

I'm happy to report I figured out the problem / resolution.

I decided to take a step back this morning and look at why, even though database inserts, updates, and deletes were working, I knew from testing that my Details View1_Item Inserted, Item Updated, and Item Deleted routines were NOT firing. From the main book of ASP that I've been learning from and from various tutorials and examples online, I didn't THINK I had to go POINT TO these routines in my definition for my Details View.

And with an Insert, when you're done, it just shows you the Gridview / removes the Detailsview.

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OK, after doing that: Selecting a row doesn't activate or populate the Detailsview. I've got a Gridview that is linked to a Details View for Inserts, Updates, and Deletes. Inserts, Edits, and Updates all work..I check the database...

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