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21-Sep-2020 04:05

This wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us since we travel at least once or twice each year.Sometime around 2006, when interest rates were high and yet credit was still loose, Chase started sending me checks for my business card that could be used to pay any bill – and they were offering a 0% annual percentage rate.This allowed me to pay the much better rate of Zero percent for one year instead.Meticulously noting the payment deadlines, I played it carefully and paid it off on time, saving several thousand dollars in interest.I’ve noticed a trend among financial bloggers recently.People have started playing around with high-reward credit cards for fun and profit.

Now it has reached the point where you’d be a fool to sign up for any card offering less than a 0 reward for joining, and some will pay 0-0.Also, I’m a part-time financial writer and I specifically wanted to review this card for my readers”.