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There is isolation between the language communities, just like isolation between (say) ancient Indo-Europeans and ancient Chinese meant they developed completely different and separate languages.

Only, the isolation is due to the lack of a shared communication channel instead of being geographical.

These big fish are in the river to spawn, not to eat.

The longer they remain in the river, the less aggressive they become.

It's badling, but it's not the worstling, I just found the badling progression of the thread funny.

Sign languages are not signed versions of spoken language; they develop completely separately.

The other Upper Fly Zone is located just downstream from the Light House Hill Reservoir tailrace to above the upstream side of the Salmon River Fish Hatchery.

Real cold water can make the fish activity slow down to a crawl and catching the steelhead becomes more difficult.

I think the last comment said it best: that thread was a trainwreck.