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28-Aug-2020 12:24

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This happened several times within a two week period.I was very stirred up as a result of seeing that my therapist had viewed my profile, and so I brought this up with my therapist via email, who then claimed (via a lengthy email response — that I was charged for, incidentally!I’m nearing an impasse with my psychologist over what I feel is an ethical issue, and I would be interested in hearing your opinion on this matter.I’ll keep it short, and cut right to the question: Would it be ethical, under any circumstances, for a psychologist to post his/her profile with photos included, on dating websites that he/she knows his/her patients are members of?When a client expresses discomfort at a circumstance that involves their therapist, they have a right to expect that their concern will be taken seriously.Clients are always advised to bring any concerns they have directly to the professional.

So, even though it would be impossible to deny a professional access to a public service just because someone else who happens to be a client also uses the service, it gets much murkier when the issue is whether the use of the service creates a conflict of interest of some sort.You peruse search engines and online encyclopedias for answers—why not look online for like-minded singles?