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Generally, the ratio of basses to guitars produced was about 4:1, primarily because bass players were more willing to experiment.

By 1981, Kramer had the tools, and the experience, to take guitar mass production to a new level.

At the meeting, he reportedly quipped that he would help make Kramer the "#1 guitar company in the world." By 1983 the Rockinger tremolo (sometimes dubbed "The Eddie Van Halen tremolo") had been widely replaced by the Floyd Rose system.

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Kramer's "alumi-neck" line lasted roughly until 1982.

There is some dispute over the company's early history, but it begins with Travis Bean, a California luthier who was building guitars with aluminum necks.

Bean and Gary Kramer started the Travis Bean guitar company in 1974, in Sun Valley, and while their guitars did well, Bean lost interest and left most of the business aspects to Kramer; the two parted ways.

The earliest beak guitars were in fact stratheads with a lopped off headstock; these can be identified by prominent sanding marks on the curve of the headstock.

Wooden-necked instruments represented Kramer's first foray into offshoring the production of guitar components to Eastern Asia.Introduced in 1976, early models featured the trademark "tuning fork head" aluminum-reinforced necks with a fretboard made of Ebonol—material similar to one used in bowling ball production.