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30-Apr-2020 13:18

There have been no problems reported with 1.12 builds prior to that.(4) There are a known issue detected when using model based synchronization with CVSNT 2.5.01 (see bug#164964).(7) March Hare Software has tested Eclipse 2.1.3 and Eclipse 3.1 with CVS Suite 2009R2 according to the user guide available here.There are also cases where newer server versions are required for some functionality.Look for "The pserver access method is not working" section.Part of the reason I got this wrong is that the linux xinetd configuration does not duplicate the name of the program.

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Since some of the functionality of the Eclipse CVS client relies on text messages, it is often the case that newly released CVS server version become incompatible with some of the functionality in Eclipse.

In order for these features to work properly, the CVSNT server must not be configured to use a repository prefix. D:cvsroot) must be used (see related question above).

Eclipse has now shared the project with the CVS repository.

This error, or an error stating that "An error has occurred processing file", occur when the CVSNT server has been configured to use a repository prefix (also referred to as a repository alias).

CVSNT provides this mechanism to allow compatibility with the Unix/Linux based command line tools.(2) A patch for compatibility between Eclipse 2.1.3 and CVS 1.12.3 is available here.