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20-Dec-2019 07:05

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As sexual harassment and assault allegations against a number of powerful men continue to ricochet around Hollywood (as well as other industries), perhaps the most familiar name on the list of men accused of sexual assault is that of Kevin Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner, a decorated Broadway and theater vet, and the (now former) star of Netflix’s .

Here are ten things to never write in an online profile: 1.

Insulting the method — or the people using the method — of finding love that you’re currently giving a try is a huge turn-off.

Don’t pretend to have a better job than you do, or that you’re more prepared for long-term commitment than you currently are.

Be concise, clear, and watch out for typos and grammatical errors.

Don’t list the qualities you believe you “deserve.” Instead, focus on what you have to offer.

If you can’t put the time into filling out a simple dating profile, why would anyone assume you’d put the time investing into getting to know them?

For more about how to write an online dating profile see our how to write an online dating profile article.

Since October 29, when Buzz Feed published allegations made by actor Anthony Rapp that Spacey made a sexual advance toward Rapp when Rapp was 14, more than 30 people have come forward with their own allegations against Spacey, with accounts ranging from harassment to attempted rape.

If someone came along who I really connected with, I’m open to pursuing it.

People who want a happy and successful dating life will invest time and attention to making it happen.

Just like you wouldn't half-ass your career in order to become successful, you're not half-assing your dating life in order to not be alone.Don’t lie about your height, age or weight: you’ll be found out soon enough.

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