Dreamweaver 8 updating site

05-Mar-2020 20:42

IN THIS CHAPTER Creating a Dreamweaver Site Using the Files Panel Summary Sample Questions Macromedia Dreamweaver enables you to develop and deploy your Web sites according to development best practices.

Best practices suggest that you create your Web pages using the following three environments: refers to a location of a Web site's files and subfolders.

The only thing different about each page is the content of the article itself.

In fact, this similarity between pages is not unique to thesitewizard.com: just about every website on the Internet has a basic design that most (or all) pages of that site share. Once your visitors have figured out how to find things on a single page on your site, such as where to find the navigation menu bar, where to find the product description and "Order" button, and so on, they will also know how to use the other pages on your site.

Every time we need a new page for the site, we can just base our new page on that template, and only modify the parts that are different for that new page.

That way, when you modify the fixed design portion in your template, Dreamweaver will be able to update all the pages on your website to the new design.In fact, Dreamweaver goes beyond simply allowing us to create a template from which we can base other pages.