Double your dating book for sale

29-Sep-2020 03:32

David De Angelo got things rolling around 2007 with his “Double Your Dating” franchise.Piggybacking on the pick-up artist explosion (PUA elder Ross Jeffries claims De Angelo was his student, and bitterly resents his success), double your dating was for men who wanted to score.Its owners claim to have made 0 million telling women what they’re doing wrong.“10 Ugly Mistakes” began appearing at the bottom of my gmail several years ago, and, as was its intent, registered in my peripheral vision as “women are ugly mistakes,” which, in fact, is the subtext for all of Catch Him and Keep Him’s earnest just-trying-to-save-you-from-yourself products.Three closely intertwined, alliteratively named entities have cornered the fear-based market in matters of the heart and converted it into cold hard cash: Christian Carter (Catch Him, Inc.), Rori Raye (Have the Relationship You Want, Inc.), and David De Angelo (Double Your Dating).Install adblocker, clear your cookies, it doesn’t matter; they’ll be back.The ads point to the Catch Him and Keep Him website.And what it I told you that each act of kindness and love reinforced the bridge, and each word of anger or nagging or clinginess ripped it apart? This franchise is exceptionally assiduous at identity management, scrubbing historical data and bootleg content, and at SEO that returns instead paid-affiliate blog “reviews” from satisfied customers and 404'd links.They own multiple feeder domains, redirects, and backlink programs, and harvest clicks from an assortment of niche paid ads.

Set up Carter as spokesmodel for the “Catch Him” franchise and Raye as the “Relationship You Want” frontwoman.

It is almost impossible to remember what he actually says.

He speaks in the hypnotic,mind-numbing parlance of NLP and empty buzzwords of self-empowerment popularized by Landmark Forum and Tony Robbins.

If you’re a woman and you’re on the internet, you’ve seen these text ads.

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Next to your gmail inbox, following you around on those “Elsewhere on the Web” faux news links.They are known for squeezing competitors out of the running with SEO- and link-fu.