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If you were heading toward marriage and starting a family together, you’ll have shattered dreams to deal with as well. While it’s tempting to glorify the relationship and remember only the good things about it and all the wonderful traits your ex-boyfriend had, remember the bad times as well.No relationship or person is perfect so don’t build this one into something it wasn’t. It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Ex Boyfriend Can't call it quits with the ex-boyfriend?Many women find it hard to move on, but if you are clinging to the past, you are preventing a new start and clear future from happening.Make sure you’re not trying to patch up the pain through substitution.When you are ready and open to the possibilities of finding love and romance with someone new, move slowly and let the relationship blossom on its own.It’s okay to be angry, but don’t let the anger stick around. This is a terrific time to do what you want for a change.Put it in the past and move on with your new, happy life. You can watch chick flicks, listen to your favorite CDs or go horseback riding without having to compromise or listen to anyone belittling your tastes.

Many women say that they want to get over their ex- boyfriend before dating but then wind up with the first available man they can find.

Breaking up with a boyfriend leaves you with an empty void with no end in sight.

Instead, after a few days of mourning, gather up all of your old love letters, mementos, and photos and send them off. Stay Busy Sitting around the house wallowing over the loss will only amplify your feelings for your ex boyfriend.

This rebound relationship is almost always doomed because the woman hasn’t gotten over the ex-boyfriend yet.

Give yourself time to get over the ex, mourn the loss of the relationship and discover yourself before considering a new relationship.

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