David deangelo double your dating what every man should know

29-Nov-2020 21:31

Here are the biggest mistakes when it comes to approaching women: We are ALL afraid. The feeling can be SO intense, that it seems IMPOSSIBLE that anyone else could POSSIBLY have a “case” as bad as you. You can train for ten years and become the fastest runner in the world…

and before you knew it, you INSTANTLY responded to avoid the danger? but we don’t really THINK about what’s happening in moments like these.

Then take those sections and either write them down or print them so you can review them and practice. And most importantly, DON' T STOP READING UNTIL YOU' RE DOING IT.

Success with women isn't like success with learning to use a light switch. Sometimes it seems as though all of your practice isn't making a difference. Many people make the mistake of reading this book and then saying, "I know that stuff" before they've mastered the information through their experience. Double Your Dating by David De Angelo ©2001-2005, All Rights Reserved Keep reading and practicing and using it until you HAVE IT DOWN.

I could be standing there, looking at the girl I wanted to talk to… but when I “started” to move in that direction, I felt something stop me. I thought other people would think that I was mentally disturbed if I talked about it. It also largely impacts and even DETERMINES THE OUTCOMES of the potential relationship you’re going to have with that woman. And one of the things I learned about my “fear of approaching women” was that instead of being “abnormal,” I was actually TYPICAL. Here I was thinking that I was emotionally retarded… But then I learned something even MORE important while I was learning how to overcome my own fears: I learned that MANY OTHER GUYS had figured out how to OVERCOME this “fear and shyness issue”… Sometimes it’s a guy holding a door open a little too long, just hoping to start a conversation…

Who ever heard of someone feeling like something was PHYSICALLY stopping them from simply walking up and talking to another person? The more time I’ve spent working on this particular “approaching women” problem, the more I’ve come to realize an important insight: This moment… is actually a “Moment Of Truth.” It’s a Moment Of Truth in terms of WHO YOU ARE. It tells the story of how well you understand yourself… So much is condensed into these very short moments in your life. If you really have this particular “moment” mastered, it has a massive impact on your overall life. think about how your life would be DIFFERENT if you were a MASTER of this moment… What would be different about your ability to control your emotions? What would be different about the way you’d behave… As a man, one of the worst feelings you can have is that something is making you feel like LESS than a man. and then I find out that MOST guys have this same issue… Sometimes it’s a random email from a guy she doesn’t know telling her that he saw her picture online and thinks she’s beautiful…

For most guys, they have it in their mind that they need to get what psychologists call “approval.” They think that the most important thing is that she LIKE him. It’s like a guy is walking up with a big sign on his forehead that reads: “I want you to think that I’m a nice, sweet, caring, considerate man… PLUS get an intensive training on all of the best step-by-step techniques and “pick up lines” for every possible situation…

and I would do almost anything to make you like and accept me.” And guess what? If you’re ready to finally kiss your fears of walking up to women goodbye – and give yourself the I have some exciting news for you…

So remember: When you approach a woman, make sure the IMPRESSION she’s getting is one that triggers ATTRACTION. Using the “kiss her ass and hope she likes me” strategy is a loser. ATTRACTION is triggered by a TOTALLY DIFFERENT message. maybe try to come up with some kind of original compliment… Here’s the problem: That attractive woman has men looking at her ALL DAY… The irony is that in our desire and attempt to be ORIGINAL…we wind up saying essentially the SAME THING as the last hundred guys…

If I could go around the world, and take ALL of the situations that happened today where a man approached a woman that he was interested in dating… and you start thinking about how to approach her and start a conversation… As you know, it can be TORTURE to try to come up with what to say. And there’s a common “theme” at the root of this “self torture.” This theme is that when we see a woman that we’d like to meet, we tend to think to ourselves, “I need to come up with something ORIGINAL and CREATIVE to say to her.” Why do we do this? And you just become one more “link” in the “mental sausage chain” in her mind. Until now, there’s been nowhere to go for the solutions to ANY of these problems.

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