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Initially, they believe themselves to be alone, but it isn't long before they witness the murder of a British sailor, one of a small number of castaways who recently survived a deadly hurricane at sea.The murder has been committed by a Spanish pirate, complete with bandana, who seems mighty proud of his skill with a gun.The City of the Dead and A Coffin for the Lady are mentioned in the promotional recordings as the first and second story respectively.The order used below is the one found most often on fan sites on the Internet.TL; DR: Roll20 doesn't have a working matchmaking system.It should either adopt one or stop offering LFG services.The problem in matchmaking for online shooters and other games is finding people of similar skill level.

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Matchmaking on Roll20 is only superficially similar to matchmaking for computer games.

Rather than be depressed at the news, Wesley chooses instead to live it up for the time he has left, but "living it up" has come to mean an association with gangster Blackie North and his gang of thugs.