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In 1973 when the brand was bought out by the Wedgwood group, Greens were still based at the original Minerva works, employing over 200 decorators.

Wedgwood stopped using the Crown Staffordshire name in 1985, but still owns the brand.

Aynsley is a leading company with a long history, so has it's own page. (Goes to a separate page) Founded 1894 Staffordshire, England by James W. Established initially in the 1890’s as maker of tableware as well as ornaments, Beswick were also on the bandwagon of making Staffordshire cats and dogs, most of which were unmarked and hard to tell from other Staffordshire makers of the period.

Not strictly speaking an antique bone china maker as they progressed to bone china only in the 1930's.

Antique bone china was always expensive and difficult to work with.

It wasn't until the latter part of the 1800's that the majority of the makers listed below learned how to use bone china for serious production.

Wedgwood, being very cautious about luxury porcelains, chose not to go into bone china at first.

They let firms like Spode and Rockingham do the pioneering work. Many of the old antique bone china making firms have not survived to the current day.

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The first firm to develop a reliable recipe was Spode in 1799. Germany, France and the rest of Europe stuck to their older, more traditional Chinese porcelain recipes (no animal bone). Your head's coming off and you just need some help?Jack Jones, sometimes described as one of the best ever designers of bone china table ware, worked for the company for 47 years.Today he is probably known best by collectors for the range of birds he sculpted - from large cockatoos to tiny wrens.If you need a bit of personal help in your investigations, I'm here to help!

Bone china is a very pure white (whiter than standard European porcelain) and can be cast so thin as to be translucent, yet is still surprisingly chip resistant compared with lesser crockery like ironstone and earthenware.New makers with tighter marketing plans have taken their place over the last 60 years or so.

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