Dating the pyramids

20-Feb-2020 01:31

none of these places has any connection to our ancestors beyond them also seeing these things and being as equally amazed as us modern day humans.

i have always thought our dating techniques were suspect, but astrological dating is outside the methodologies of the chemist and are rooted in physics which if not more correct are certainly a fresh perspective to the events of the past.

They refer to evidence presented by Colonel Howard Vyse in 1837, in which an inscription was found in a small room bearing Khufu’s name.

However, the German archaeologists are not the first to question the mainstream consensus that the pyramid was constructed under the orders of Khufu.

For privacy reasons, she has previously written on Ancient Origins under the pen name April Holloway, but is now choosing to use her real name, Joanna Gillan. Read More I find it interesting that there is a water pump based on the inner plumbing of the Great Pyramid.

If the building coincided with the dating to 10,000 years ago, that whole Giza acropolis would have been a lake or next to a lake and the desert would be tropical forests.

It is unlikely this would have been risked unless a cavity had been detected by a remote sensing technology in advance.

What great treasure may have been secretly removed? If you are going to the pyramid any time soon please examine the wall.

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That the pyramids have been used for different purposes over their very long existence seems patently obvious to me but apparently it is very important to the status quo of modern archeology to perpetuate the belief that they only served as tombs although there is very little evidence that they were ever tombs.Objects found inside of the pyramids cannot accurately date the structure.

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