Dating site for tall people

16-Nov-2019 14:04

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So what you do is move to Peru, where the average woman is 4′-11.5.”Boom.

Tall people sometimes need help when it comes to dating.

They all stand around 5′-10″ and they all want to wear their cha-cha pumps. So if he asks her out, and he’s not a complete goonwad, she’s going to say yes.(Number 16, PM me.)Also, how do you feel about the struggles of short men?

I guess I feel about them the same way that I feel about any person with a unfair disadvantage. But the only thing you can do is to stop whining and simply make the best of the situation.

However, apart from finding trousers that fit, being tall is such an advantage; for example, being the tallest woman in the room makes me feel confident and empowered.

Sure it's awesome being tall, but there are some problems that we have to deal with time and time again; one of those is finding a tall man! Taller Singles is a UK dating site dedicated to tall women dating.

By “attractive”, I mean it literally attracts women, the way that having an epic rack attracts men even if the woman’s other qualities are not so great.

And there are some women who are tall-o-philes, the way some men are rack-o-philes.

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She was literally a perfect 10 and she was about 5′-1″.Your profile is key to finding a partner that is right for you.