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Never take a Pyrex dish from the freezer and place it directly into a hot oven.

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TIP: Often, the best prices and hard-to-find pieces of vintage Pyrex are found at yard sales, garage sales and church rummage sales where sellers may not be as savvy about what they’re worth.

In 1998, Corning divested its consumer products division, forming World Kitchen, LLC, which continued to manufacture Pyrex using soda-lime glass.

While a majority of vintage Pyrex pieces can be bought for less than , prices can be all over the board. For example, that mixing bowl set of Mom’s sells for -0 on e Bay.

Some folks have been successful removing interior silverware marks with Bar Keepers Friend (but avoid scrubbing near any patterns).

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A good rule of thumb to follow for cleaning any vintage pieces in the dishwasher: When in doubt, don’t. See how to clean it here.) TIP: To clean the tiny crevices around the rim and the raised mark on the bottom, use a sharp, pointed wooden toothpick.Notice any obvious scratches, chips, cracks or stains.