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"Unfortunately the factories at ESP Japan have not kept a consistent and sensible serial number tracking system in place over the years. you may still come across the occasional serial number that may conflict with, or doesn't fall under any of the listed categories.

For this we apologize, and we are working to maintain a more consistent system going forward.

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I will generally check them out and occasionally I will find a real diamond in the rough.

Welcome to Rickenbacker's serial number decoder page.

Rickenbacker serial numbers have been issued in a number of formats.

The PRE-2015 system doesn't apply to early ESP's, some of which had no serial number tracking system at all and used random numbers. It all began a few years ago with the EU and a thing called the Ro HS (Regulation of Hazardous Materials) and Gotoh in Japan basically changed their production to ensure they didn’t lose the European market, and that being manufacturers who shipped to Europe, which is most everyone.

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They changed pretty much everything for the “export” market, and export to most makers means anything but US. They have a way of producing black again now so expect it to all go back to the way most of us prefer over of old esp's does not have any serial on the back of the headstock.

They were raving about this unknown builder making guitars in his attic.

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