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24-Dec-2019 18:24

Young person of either sex usually under 35 years old. May also represent an older person who is immature, or just young at heart.The Queens represent women, feminine things, and the divine feminine principle.Queens represent motherhood and love, and they are nurturing, creative, receptive and introspective. They bring emotions and intuition and healing to their respective suits.Traditionally a mature female, but the queen may represent a female of any age.If you wish to read reversed cards, then take a red pen and mark a star in a corner of the card to indicate that when the star is on the top of the card it is then a reversed card.This is a method I used when I first practiced cartomancy as a teenager. Therefore the Jack can denote something small or the start of something new.Perhaps he’s dealing with the movement of career/funds at work or home and there’s stress there.(.) The obstacle hints at something to do with practical matters but also an issue of balance.

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So if we were to use the three card spread here we could use If Rachel is there, so we can have her shuffle and cut the cards to associate her energy with it, or we can clear our minds and replay Rachel’s description of the situation and shuffle/cut the cards. Rachel is definitely concerned about distance in the relationship; worry is at play.

May also represent a younger man who is mature for his age, or is burdened by responsibilities.[Source]You can read about the Royal Court more in depth as stereotypes and in groups of figures, researching more about each specific card and types of cartomancy spreads.

If you feel a card is reversed, explore that feeling in writing; it’s a matter of personal preference.

Lay the cards in positions 1-3, or one at a time; remember to do what feels natural to you. The number nine relates to disappointment and wishes. Diamonds relate to the material world and practical concerns.

Take in the cards; let the associations come to you; then knit the associations together. Perhaps she longs for him to communicate in a certain way. Eight is associated with movement, harmony, health, balance/imbalance related to the self.

There are many interesting associations one can make between the cards and the calendar, such as thirteen cards in each suite to match the roughly thirteen weeks of each season as well as four suits to match the four seasons.

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