Dating hebdomas pocket watch

22-Jun-2020 14:35

The son of Jacques Japy (1699-1781) and Marie Marguerite Fainot (1745-1797), Frédéric Japy was born on May 22, 1749 at Beaucourt , a small village at the end of the principality of Montbéliard.He was the second born of a large family of twelve children.Not all vintage watches can be dated using the serial number.Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did.At age 17, he returned to Beaucourt to spend two years working in the workshop of his father.

There are few French carriage clocks in existence that do not have Japy enamel dials on them.Waltham used many of the same grade names for multiple sizes and models.The highest or lowest grade for one model may not be the highest or lowest grade for another model bearing the same name.One of the wealthiest families in Beaucourt ,the father of Frédéric Japy, Jacques, was a major player in the village and, in 1760,he became the Protestant mayor Beaucourt. From childhood, he was introduced to craft activitiesand learned to live in a structured and supportive business environment.

His schoolmaster quickly noticed his great intelligence and encouraged his father to send him to Montbéliard to continue his education.

Check the authenticity of a Waltham watch using the serial number on the movement, not the serial number on the case. failed, was sold and reorganized as Appleton, Tracy & Co. Waltham continued to manufacture watches until 1957.