Dating and getting dumped

09-Jul-2020 03:36

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As the relationship wears on, though, many times one partner will stray, causing the breakup.These are tricky situations because there has been so much time invested in the relationship; even though “hanging on” in a relationship is still a relationship, it is not a healthy one.When the phone stops ringing and the e-mails and voicemails go unreturned, there is, in fact, something going on.

Chemistry is the physical attraction component, and compatibility is composed of the personality traits and attributes that in the right combination can persevere through a lifetime.

While there may be enough of both of these elements to maintain a relationship for even several years, eventually the attraction wanes, and there is not enough of these core traits to survive life changes and challenges that arise as people move through life.

The same goes for a relationship founded on compatibility but lacks physical chemistry.

Your partner likes you and enjoys your company, but got cold feet when the relationship started to feel committed and more serious.

Usually this point is breached within three to six months from the start of the relationship.In order to be ultimately rewarding for both parties, interest in and dedication to the relationship must be relatively equal. Rights is a recipe for chronic dissatisfaction not only for your partner, but also for each person he or she becomes involved with.