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These fashions spread throughout the whole of the Mediterranean basin, as one can examine in mosaics (Piazza Armerina, Sicily) and paintings in the Roman catacombs.

However, thanks to the dry climate and sandy subsoil, these fabrics have mostly only survived to our own time in an unrivalled state of preservation in Egypt.

For over forty years, owner William Siegal has been assembling the world’s largest collection of fine ancient and antique Andean textiles dating from 750 BC to the 19th Century.

This superlative showcase of ancient works represents the diverse and eclectic nature of cultures from around the world separated both by geography and time.

Flax (linen), which was used almost exclusively until the Greek period was very difficult to dye, but in contrast, wool allowed colors to be applied that have lasted into our own time.

There also evolved silk garments with shimmering colors that obviously had their origins in the east, consisting of caftans, leggings and tunics, for example.

The decorations on unbleached flax and purple wool reproduce geometrical and vegetal motifs identical with those of the sculptures and mosaics of the same period.

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Soumak had the effect of making distinct outlines of the designs.

The Copts invented the flying shuttle technique, which uses a second shuttle to insert an extra linen weft thread into the fabric.

Most commonly, textiles during the Coptic period were sued for clothing which, during that time period, most frequently took the form of a tunic, or rectangular shirt-like garment which was usually fastened at the waist by a belt.

The development of pattern weaving is one of the important achievements of the Coptic weavers that distinguishes their textiles from those of the Ancient Egyptians.

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Patterned textiles were brought into the mainstream around the time of Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt in the fourth century BC.

Other techniques they used were brocading and tapestry.

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