Dating advice getting nervous

21-Oct-2020 18:24

Talking to my friends, it seems that most of us still get horribly nervous over a date, after all this could be THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE..... Rarely do I imagine that scary rest of my life scenario, because, it probably won't be and if it isn't, that's cool, I still have my hobbies and friends. I visibly shake on dates and get so nervous my old stutter comes out.I've been a model and so on and people seem to think that this should make a difference when it comes to confidence, but I'm still putting myself out there, weird steam train hobby and all.

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I couldn't tell If it makes you feel any better, they’re just as afraid of you as you are of them.

Just CONFIDENTLY expect an unmitigated disaster of a date Take a deep breath man. Make yourself believe that you're worth her time, and that she'd be privileged to deflower you. I find that while the questions can come off as boring, they usually naturally lead into a conversation about the topic.

It's because you're over thinking it man. The more you put yourself in the situation described above, the more comfortable you'll be. Idk about other girls but I don't mind if the guy honestly tells me he's nervous. I was worried on my first date with my current SO that we wouldn't have anything to talk about because we knew nothing about each other.

I have brothers your age and I just want to hug them and say to every lady: 'he's such a great catch!!!

' but apparently that's hideously embarrassing or something. As a woman, I always think it's kinda cute and somewhat flattering when a guy is a bit nervous on a first date. Do like webbyduck suggests, and take a series of deep breathes at regular intervals -- that always helps.But seriously, you’re gonna get nervous about dates. Don't rattle these off, it's a tough date that needs them all ...

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