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16 of them died and were buried at Pine Ridge Cemetery, Saranac Lake, NY, which (according to the article) is located about 6 hours' drive northwest of New York City.From early on the graves were tended by 2 Norwegian seamen who settled in Saranac Lake after the war, , until the place was restored at some point (in the early 1980's? He brushed the name plates, had the area surrounded by a nice iron chain fence (with the help of sculptor Samuel Ogden, who also lived in Vermont) and otherwise fixed the place up.(Read about Captain Duffy's war experiences at The Dreadful Saga of the MV American Leader and her Crew - this is an external link). Captain Moore's records disclosed the Muskogee had been lost with all hands. And for all those years I had been searching for living survivors!After the war, he took this page to as many of the oil tanker companies as he could find in New York. From time to time he published it in books he had written. Eventually, in the early '80s, forty years after he had saved the page, a break occurred when Captain Arthur Moore contacted him and told him he was writing a history of the United States Merchant Marine in WW II (this book is entitled "A Careless Word, A Needless Sinking" - my Books page has information on how it can be obtained). which enhanced the photo of the men and was able to read the ship's name stencilled on one of the life jackets, S. " He continues, "A photo-journalist on board Hardegen's U-123 on its second war patrol to the east coast of the United States had taken the pictures, and the submarine left the scene. The well known writer and historian Charles Dana Gibson has written of the photo of the seven men, '(it) is the starkest portrayal ever caught on film depicting the toll the sea can extract from a ship's company. At the unveiling of the Memorial on October 8, 1991, Captain Duffy was privileged to be the first individual to take his place on the base of the monument, standing next to the figure of the man with his hands cupped to his mouth. In addition, Academy graduates historically have been a source of active duty naval officers in times of mobilization or during emergency situations. Your application will be reviewed by the Officer-In-Charge of the Department of Naval Science. citizens who possess an understanding of naval procedures, so that merchant ships can operate with the Navy in peacetime or during war or national emergency.Moved by this story I ran a quick search on Google and came up with all kinds of results, the following link being one of them: Durban's Lady in White Some years ago I came across an article in the Norwegian magazine "Krigsseileren" No.

The picture is also included in Captain Moore's book, with the names of 4 of the men on the raft.Naval Science Program All midshipmen are required to take a program of courses administered by the Department of Naval Science.