Dating a man 5 years younger

11-Oct-2020 04:12

They’re also more likely to identify as feminists (YES!

) and be less influenced by negative gender stereotyping — at least that’s the case with my guy. Perhaps you’ve dated a guy so damaged by his ex that your relationship had to compensate.

That’s why being knocked off my feet by someone 13 years my junior was the AN AGE DIVIDE IS AS BIG AS YOU MAKE IT.

The preconception that a younger guy won’t be able to relate to your problems/needs is BS, in my experience.

With my younger guy, the worth of my life experience is a given and my advice is actually valued.

Our 20s are a difficult and formative time, so from my older perspective, being able to aid the journey of someone I love is very rewarding. The people we surround ourselves with encourage different elements of ourselves that can have a huge impact on how our personalities are cultivated over time.

Perhaps you’ve dated a guy with a huge amount of debt that limited your activities.

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The Fun Stuff There’s always fun galore when you move in together.At times you find yourself dressing your partner in your clothes, as you try them on yourself.