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Below are some approximate production dates that will help you date your Webley Air Rile.In 1897 P Webley & Son amalgamated with W & C Scott & Sons , forming The Webley & Scott Revolver & Arms Company of Birmingham and 78 Shaftesbury Avenue, London.Is there any possibility to find the gun type or the manufacture day through the serial number? If they do have such records, you would have to contact them, give them the serial number, and ask them to look it up. Here is an example of the year of manufacture: ...G_0337It is in the box at bottom from the proof marks: PB and crown, after the B.I have also seen the date code on the bottom of the frame (receiver) of a semi-automatic, but I have never seen it on the receiver of a break-action gun.On recent pistols the mark is usually located on the frame near the trigger guard, and for older pistols the mark is on the slide or on the frame behind the grip area.However some manufacturing dates and information are available for a fee from: To date a gun they will need the serial number. For further information we suggest the book Webley Revolvers by Gordon Bruce and Christian Reinhart Webley started producing Air Pistols in 1924 and today still produce Air Pistols to the same design principle (see below the Tempest) The early Air Pistols were marked with serial numbers up to the beginning of World War 2.

For example, 1972 is usually represented by XXVIII, but in a few cases it may be written XX8 or as 1972.

Thus, guns bearing those Roman numerals may need additional evidence to establish the year of manufacture. It is not clear to me when firearms by Italian manufacturers other than Beretta began to be marked with date codes - it may have been as late as 1954, with Roman numeral X. Update: (This was originally posted in 2006.)CD - 2009CF - 2010CH - 2011CI - 2012Second update - 2/10/2014CL - 2013CM - 2014GUNS MADE IN THE USA: The date codes above apply only to guns made in Italy.