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Results showed that 41.4% of the participants reported any cyber dating abuse during the prior 3 months (44.6% of the girls vs 31.0% of the boys); 12.6% reported that the abuse was sexual (13.7% of all the girls, 9.2% of the boys).Abuse of a sexual nature included a partner trying to talk about sex when the participant did not want to (8% of all participants, 8.8% of the girls, 5.5% of the boys), asking the participant to do something sexual (8%, 9.1%, and 4.2%; respectively), and publicly sharing a nude or seminude photo of the participant (1.5%, 1.3%, and 2.1%, respectively).The anonymity of online personals provides safety, but may also encourage fabrication, as users often present themselves as younger, thinner, taller or more successful than they actually are.Up to 30 percent of cyber daters are married—some openly seeking affairs, others posing as single. "The Joys and Dangers of Love on the Internet." Ebony (February 2000): 46.Some singles have successful online dating experiences: e reports that more than 1,500 couples met and married through the site in its first three years, and boasts 90,000 successful matches each year. Others, however, grow weary of endless profile searches and disappointing dates, and opt for a lower-technology, less commercialized way of finding prospective partners.

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Workplace romances are dwindling, partly due to the rise in sexual harassment suits.

Although half of subscribers are under 30, older singles who may be divorced or widowed are increasingly using online services.

Specialized dating sites have grown in recent years: caters to African Americans, while Right Stuff enables Ivy League graduates to meet others of their intellectual ilk.

Journalist Andrea Orr, however, suggests that cyber dating puts a technological spin on a much older trend: matrimonial services, which matched couples in the 1800s.

More than 40 million Americans visited online dating sites each month in 2003.See also: Computer's Impact on Leisure, Dating, Hook-Ups, Internet, Men's Leisure Lifestyles, Teenage Leisure Trends, Women's Leisure Lifestyles Brooks, David.