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30-Sep-2019 08:20

Although i Message is end-to-end encrypted i Cloud is not, which ruins the whole point of sending encrypted nudes.

There are a few other messaging apps that feature end-to-end encryption, but they are less common – namely Signal and Cyber Dust.

Viber has recently implemented end-to-end encryption as the default setting as well, and will also let you know if your line has been changed.

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Unless your significant other has gotten a new phone, a changed key notice is a signal that it’s not safe to send nudes until you figure out if you’re being spied on.

The only thing to remember about Whats App is that it is now part of Facebook, so check to make sure that Whats App isn’t sending info to Facebook for advertisements.

You can just go into the account section in settings and turn off “share my account info,” and you’re good.

Whats App launched end-to-end encryption in April 2016, so when you send a Whats App message, it’s automatically locked with unique keys, and then only unlocked when your recipient reads it.

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And although it used to be text-only, Whats App now lets you send encrypted photos and videos.

And there are very real dangers for children, such as a recent and very disturbing Whats App suicide challenge. But apps that communicate with other people can make it harder to tell where the dangers lie.

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