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Although many songs are still often longer than necessary, the miasma of atmospheric horrorcore that enshrouds the second half of Riddle Box makes it the high-point of ICP's early career.

Hell's Pit Sounds Like: An alternate-reality version of Massive Attack's Mezzanine.

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Award-Winning, Savage Review of a New Bar in the Radisson Red. Consensus from Juggalos on the internet seems to suggest something along the lines of "the slut deserved it" — a strangely Puritan position, coming from someone who attends festivals with wet T-shirt competitions and horny clowns wandering the site with cardboard signs that read "Looking for my first Juggalette".Insane Clown Posse fulfilling their contractual obligations.The final albums that ICP recorded as part of its tempestuous deal with Island Records is heavy on murder and mayhem, but comes off as sterile and forced rather than fun or menacing.Carnival of Carnage is more trouble than it is worth.

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The ultra-primitive late 80s throwback "Guts on the Ceiling.Although J and Shaggy still sound more like a product of their time rather than an act of their own, Ringmaster is a fusion of disparate influences that works for about half of its 70 minutes.

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