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The gravity of betrayal increases as we move from type 2 to type 4.

The deception in type 4 "seduction" (psychological and sexual intimacy) is more unethical and troubling than in type 3 "platonic" (psychological but not sexual intimacy).

When, if ever, is it appropnate to use friendship and the lure of sex as part of an investigation?

State-sponsored deception, of course, raises all the ethical issues generally associated with deception.

Targets of investigations frequentlv report being "screwed" by the agent after their arrest.

Agents sometimes refer to the agency they work for as their "mistress." For some agents the excitement of undercover has a sexual parallel.

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An earlier version of this article with extensive footnotes appeared in the Journal of Criminal Justice Ethics, Vol. Or it might be from a former girl friend working for police who has invited you to her hotel room.

Undercover activities, with their secret watching and audio and video recordings, have a voyeuristic quality.

Terminology such as "deep penetration" and "access" have multiple referents.

Our sense of freedom, autonomy and well-being depend partly on our ability to control information about the self and on our being able to voluntarily enter into relationships with others free from both coercion and deception.

Undercover work exploits the cognitive and behavioral aspects of intimate relations by using them for purposes beyond the relationship itself.

They flourish to the extent that individuals feel free to express themselves without suspiciousness or fear of others ulterior motives.

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