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The editor was a nmn of our times, animated by the spirit of the age, and a firm believer in our glorious nineteenth century.

" The greatest objection, Father," said he one day to the priest, as I soon learned he was, " to the church, is her unprogressive character. Why, on its progressive march." " Do you mean that the church herself is not progressive, or that she opposes progress in individuals and society? The church is stationary, remains what she was in the dark ages, does her best to keep society back where it was a thousand years ago, and to prevent the human race from taking a step forward." " There is, I su])pose, no doubt of that ?

Did he find the convictions of the world he came to redeem and save in harmony with his doctrines and claims?

If so, how came the Jews to reject him and ci'ucify him between two thieves ?

Did the apostles teach only such doctrines and put forth only sucli claims as were in harmony with the sentiments and convictions of tlieir age ? How much would our Lord and his apostles or Christians during the martyr ages- have done to advance tlie world, think you, if they had only echoed its opinions, approved its superstitions, and suf- fered themselves to be dictated to and governed by it?

Would you have the church conform to the world and be a- time-server?

Prog- ress is motion ; and if I have not forgotten what my pro- fessor of mechanics taught me, tliere is no motion possible without something at rest.

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Other guests seemed as much atti-acted as myself, and whenever we saw them seated under the shade of the old maple-trees left standing near our hotel, we formed a ring around them, and sat and listened in silence.

The other was an active, energetic man, under mid- dle age, well made, with dark hair, heav}' brows, and sharp, restless, black ej'cs.

His manner was not rude, but brisk and a little imperious, and he spoke always in a bold, con- fident tone, from which no appeal might be taken.

The church, if herself t LIBERALISM AND THE CHOECH.

movable or progressive, could not aid either social or indi- vidual progress ; she would simply change with the changes- going on around her, and could neither aid nor control them." " But, Keverend Father, you overlook the fact that it is precisely in herself that progress is most needed. I was as free as a man can be in this world ; had originally an excellent constitution, which I had not always respected, and was now suffering from early imprudences and ills incident to idleness and good living.

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