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Around 1903, Granite City expelled its African American residents.

In 1967, the Congress of Racial Equality alleged that Granite City was a sundown town.

The clothing retailer Glik's is also headquartered in Granite City, as well as Mr. In July 2018, President Donald Trump visited the city to deliver a speech about industry growth at the U. Granite City is located at adjacent to the Chain of Rocks Canal on the Upper Mississippi River, bordering Horseshoe Lake on its southeastern side.

The city sits in the American Bottom, a wide, flat and fertile plain.

Louis Stamping Company, an iron works company, that made kitchen utensils in St. In the 1870s, William discovered an enamelware process in Europe whereby metal utensils could be coated with enamel to make them lighter and more resistant to oxidation.

At the time, most enamelware was usually just one color as the additions of any colors to the process was inefficient.

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In the early 19th century, settlers began to farm the rich fertile grounds to the east of St. Around 1801, the area saw the establishment of Six Mile Settlement, a farming area that occupied the area of present-day Granite City, six miles (10 km) from St. Granite City was founded in 1896 to be a planned company city similar to Pullman, Illinois, by German immigrant brothers Frederick G.Wilson Park is sometimes called the "heart" of Granite City and is known for its nicely kept "turn of the [20th] century" homes.East Granite is less defined, but is mostly modern residential subdivisions as well as both St. East Granite is north of the blast furnace at US Steel.On June 1, 1878, William applied for Patent 207543 to improve the efficiency whereby a pattern could be applied to enamelware while the enamel was still wet simply by placing a thin piece of paper with an oxidized pattern on top of it.

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The paper would fall off in the drying process and the pattern was embedded. steel industry (including their iron plant) took off. Louis planned to tax coal crossing the Mississippi River into Missouri.Although at risk during the Great Flood of 1993, the city never flooded and is protected by a series of levees along both the Mississippi River and Chain of Rocks Canal.