Best dating games for ipad

12-Aug-2020 02:45

While Sweet Fuse: At Your Side looks like some sort of action thriller title by the box art, once you actually dive deep into the story you’ll find that the game is very much your quintessential anime love game experience.

Saki was just about to open up an amusement park that her uncle had worked on, when a dastardly villain comes out of nowhere dressed up in a pig costume and takes everyone hostage.

It’s a game that teaches you a lot about loss on both a physical and emotional scale, while still drawing your attention back to all the lovey-dovey material that most love games generally emphasize.

As we stated earlier, anime love games can fall into the two general categories, dating sim or otome.

You star as Aoi who just can’t seem to get his life together, but all of that changes when he returns to his hometown and comes across a young girl in a wheelchair named Kotori.

The two build a nice relationship and eventually team up with Aoi’s other friends to recreate the Soaring Club in order to fulfil their dreams.

So now in order to save the park, uncle and your own life, you’ll need to work alongside 6 other men to ensure peace is restored.

It’s a great title that implements a strong love connection but also a strong compelling story with numerous endings to ensure you stick around to the very end.

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