Becoming confident in dating

18-Feb-2020 19:19

Making the first move is traditionally seen as something that a male does, while females tend to take a more passive role in the dating game and wait to be pursued. If she sees someone she’s interested in, she feels comfortable enough to make the first move.

And although it may be scary, she pushes through the fear because she focuses on the end result of possibly meeting someone who will improve her life.

She knows she’s good enough, and that’s all that matters.

If the person she’s seeing judges her for being herself, or can’t handle any aspect of her personality, then she knows they’re not for her and she moves on.

And in the world of dating, confident women tend to do a number of things differently from women who don’t believe in themselves, don’t know how much they deserve and allow life to stomp all over them.

They say the best way to gain confidence is to fake it until it becomes real, so acting like a self-assured woman while dating someone might just leave a lady feeling that confidence she's been craving.

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During the course of a relationship, especially a long one, two people begin to melt into one and sometimes you lose sight of who you are as an individual and you begin to perceive yourself as a half that needs someone to fill in the void.This type of openness will not only make you feel good, but it will open the gates for your partner to be candid and encourage him to confide in you as well.

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