Articel on internet dating scams

10-Nov-2020 14:47

You don’t share a lineage with a Nigerian prince and that guy from Michigan isn’t going to pay back the ,000 you sent him.The fact is online dating scams are usually telegraphed from a mile (or 10) away. Common sense won’t protect you from the sneakier or more nefarious bottom-feeders on online dating websites.Trever Faden, CEO of Atlas Lane, created a website called C*ckblocked where Grindr users could enter their username and password and see who had blocked them on the service.

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Scammers who participated in that now target users on dating websites, particularly people over 40, recently divorced, elderly, widowed or disabled.

It was a hacktivist stunt to expose Grindr’s shoddy security.

Though exposing that data is risky enough, the fact that it targeted a dating service for gay men made it worse.

Don’t hand out money before you know the person is, you know, a person, and don’t hand out personal information without thinking about it first. There’s a line here, though, so, again, use your brain.

Even if you’re careful, you won’t be protected from, say, a data breach.

Chocolates and flowers are fine, but this Valentine’s Day, wants to give you a far more valuable gift.