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Governed by the monarchy along Islamic traditions, the country gained richness through the discovery of oil and gas in the 1930s.

Saudi has population of nearly 30 million people, more than half of which is under 25 years old, the predominant language is Arabic.

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When asked on “60 Minutes” last year whether men and women were equal, Prince Mohammed said: “Absolutely. Vierra moved to Saudi Arabia in 2011 to teach at a women’s university while doing research for a graduate degree, Ms. Friends introduced her to a Saudi businessman who had been educated abroad and seemed supportive of her ambitions. She felt like she had met somebody who was on the same page as her.”The marriage produced the daughter, Zaina, but eventually grew rocky. Vierra’s husband often lost his temper, shouting and swearing at her in front of Zaina, Ms. For more than a year, he took no action on her request.

All must have a male “guardian” — usually a father or husband, but sometimes a son or uncle — whose permission they need to obtain passports, pursue certain medical procedures or travel.

These rules extend to foreign women who marry Saudis, like Ms.

Vierra’s residency, as well as the guardian of her and her daughter, Ms. In December, he refused to give them permission to travel, meaning that they missed Christmas with Ms. Under a new Saudi law, women in her position can get residency for being the parent of a Saudi citizen. Vierra’s ex-husband can get the documents needed for her to obtain such a status, Ms. And while Zaina is a dual Saudi-American citizen, Saudi Arabia recognizes her only as a Saudi.

This means that, since the child’s father is her guardian, even if Ms. Vierra’s story on the condition that her ex-husband’s name not be published; Ms.

An American from Washington State, she taught at a women’s university, started a company, married a Saudi businessman and gave birth to a curly-haired daughter, Zaina.