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After the first week, you kind of bond with a certain group of people and they become kind of like your family. I remember, I was waking up at in the morning; I was on set at about .At the end of the shooting, I was so sad, because all these people had become such a big part of my life. We would all eat together, and then I would go and look at the breakdown of the scenes.FZ: Did you ever feel overwhelmed on set, jumping in and out of so many roles?Anne-Sophie: I guess for me, I never really did feel that way because I don’t really think much of how I feel, because I love it so much. Anne-Sophie: When it was the scenes with all the extras.

I do movies to inspire people, just to go for what they want, their dream—so that’s my biggest goal in making movies.Anne-Sophie: I usually just hang out with my friends and my family—sometimes I like to do roadtrips, or go out shopping, or see a movie—just regular things!I always find time for my friends, at least once a week, for sure. Anne-Sophie: My second movie, Blue Winter; I’m probably going to do that in September.Anne-Sophie: I am definitely proud, but I think that sometimes people talk so much about my age, and at the end of day it’s just about my drive.

It’s not because of my age that I’m where I’m at, it’s just my drive.My long term goal is to have my own studio; I have my own production company, Anne-Sophie Films, and it’s just basically to expand that, and help people, because that’s my main thing.