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10-Mar-2020 17:47

Trade your harvested Art Blossoms to Lloid in exchange for crafting materials and essence.The event is only 10 days long, from May 31 - June 9, so you'd better get going!Nintendo has just pushed out another big update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that makes it possible for us to increase our friendship levels with campers to 25. Catch as many fish as you can during the five-day event. Your score is tallied by how many inches of fish you catch in total.There are lots more quality-of-life user interface updates, too. That is, when you close out the items or contacts lists and then reopen them, they'll go back to their original state. Fishing Tourney #3 runs from June 28 - July 3, so you'd better get your bait ready if you want to get that trophy!Digby needs help finding busy buzzing creatures called Bumblecubes.

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Collect Gyroidite nuggets throughout the campground and use them to craft adorable clothing to celebrate a wedding at the campgrounds. It's all about gathering materials (Gyroidites), which can be found in all campground locations and then using them to craft the clothing items listed in the Events section.

A new theme brings with it new craftable items, a modern desk, a massage recliner an exhibit partition, and more. You can build a Modern tent, followed by a Modern House, and eventually, add a Honeycomb Library to your Campsite!