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The article also claims that “classical historians today are silent on the subject” of the racial identity of the ancient Greeks and believe that “it is not something worth looking into.” (Scholars’ contributions to contributor Rebecca Futo Kennedy’s article on the racist persistence of the “invasion” myth).

In addition to a 1911 encyclopedia article and the fact that “a hundred years ago, Europeans took it for granted that many Greeks were the same race as themselves,” the article cites the following evidence in support of its contention that the ancient Greeks of the Classical period were descended from northern European invaders.

For a while I was having problems with my e-mail using Outlook...every time someone would send me an image embedded in a message or if I tried to paste an image into a message I wanted to send, it would just show up as a Red X.

A clever Finn showed me the secret: It turns out that my cache of outlook bitmap files was full.


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Ok Cupid, one of the largest dating websites in the US, compiles data on its "matches" between its members.

In 2009, Ok Cupid found that white men get the most responses from potential mates.

A used-car mogul from Utah has created either one blatantly racist dating site or one extremely calculated attempt to rile our collective outrage.

Sam Russell is the 53-year-old mastermind behind Where White People Meet, a dating site whose title explains its purpose. I dated a black woman once," Russell told the Washington Post.It also found that white women tend to reply to white men and exclude nonwhite men.