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The 12 Belarusians members of the group were not charged with any criminal activity.(This information was reported in a televised briefing by the press spokesman of the BKGB, and subsequent requests to the government by Embassy personnel for further details have been met with silence.) Transnational terrorism is not considered a major threat.

American firms should pay close attention to computer security when establishing operations, as the threat of cyber crime, as is the case throughout the former Soviet Union, is real.

Tickets to the event were sold out long before the date.

Outside the modern opera on 4 September, one could see a great deal of traditional Belarusian clothing, white-red-white flags and key. Belarus will have a denomination in 2016, where the national currency will lose 4 zeroes, which means there will be much fewer millionaires.

But when teams instrument their products and honestly track the impact of their product changes, we see that we are wrong more often than not, even when we feel like we are right.

So if instead, we assume that we will get A wrong, or at least parts of A wrong, and that when we get to B, we’ll likely need several iterations to get B right, and so on, then taking two weeks upfront to design our near-term vision no longer makes sense.

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Some 20,248 crimes were registered in Minsk in 2015 (a 2.5 percent decrease from 2014).

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