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10-Nov-2020 07:44

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I just don’t know if I should let him down easy or see how things go...

I am inclined to just take things super slow because I am really attracted to him. here's one thing that's obvious, but sometimes needs to be pointed out about dating someone who's lost a partner: they didn't break up...

I believe what magnified that feeling was because it was soon after she died (a year).

I broke up with him, but I think we would have been OK had I met him perhaps 5 or so years after her death.

In the same respect you should expect to hear about his deceased wife for years to come. My mother married a widower and at one time she showed me pictures of the lady so I sort of understand where your head is at. Thank you for sharing 😊 they did not have any children but they were very much in love 😍I feel like I want to pursue this but I want to go super slow for both of our sakes. As difficult and awkward it may be, talk about his loss, talk about his grief, don't let it be the elephant in the room. This is what we didn't do which partly led to our demise.

I also am not perturbed by the fact that she will always be part of him... I want to truly get to know him before we allow each other into our personal lives. I think he didn't talk because he was afraid to reveal to me that he wasn't fully ready for me. Talk about what you're uncomfortable with and what he needs to change so that you can be with him. You should not feel like a replacement, you should feel like #1 . For example, I read of a woman who's widower bf got married on New Years and that his deceased wife loved Valentine's day and they'd take a trip each year for it.

For me, it was a tremendously isolating, painful, and awkward experience...

In place of that, here I was, a stranger, an outsider entering their lives while the pain was still raw.

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