10 questions to ask before dating

10-Jul-2020 07:42

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You may find yourself wanting to ensure you’re on the same page without appearing as if you’re in a rush for information.Healthy communication that progresses over time (think layers!Consider how you will both continue to develop the sexual component of your relationship and keep the spark alive. You may both be marriage-minded, but unfortunately this fact doesn’t necessarily mean you view marriage in the same light.Create understanding around the meaning of marriage by discussing definitions, expectations, needs, hopes and fears.Consider how finances may be merged (or not) in the future and how shared expenses will be divided.Are there any specific issues in your relationship that you would like to fix?This question can lead to a variety of topics such as the division of chores and responsibilities, expectations around individuality (independence, separateness and space within the relationship) and being a couple, and what kind of emotional support your partner is looking for.Other important related topics may include how boundaries will be set with family, friends and work, as well as how time will be balanced and how often dates will be scheduled.

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Also consider how you would handle scenarios that commonly provoke jealousy such as one of you having lunch with an ex, taking a work trip with an attractive colleague, etc. Couples often postpone addressing the sexual component of their relationship until a specific issue rears its head.

If you’re considering getting more serious with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are wondering what to ask and how to ask, this guide is for you.

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